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e-sound off for the week of August 19, 2010

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Sounding off on alcohol sales in Hartselle
“Why does our newspaper seem to favor the sale of alcohol? Why not interview some AA members who can tell the damage of alcohol? Why not do some articles with parents/families who can tell of broken lives as a result of alcohol and drug abuse. There are plenty of them even in a dry community. The news is that a majority knows the damage and danger of alcohol and drug abuse that tax money cannot solve. Those around us who have legalized alcohol have more problems with their schools, more crimes etc, We have a safe and growing community without selling alcohol. I encourage all my friends to oppose alcohol sales and abuse.”

“Drive north on Highway 31, just a few hundred yards from the Hartselle city limits to the Big A station. Beer, wine, and liquor are all sold there and it’s not there to serve the people of Decatur. All the alcohol sold there travels through the city of Hartselle, all the tax travels to Decatur.”

“Booze…really? This is not a bedroom town, it is a coffin town. Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

“The roads in this city are already full of crazy people and Highway 31 is dangerous enough already to drive on, who needs drunks added to the mixture? Besides, you want to attract criminals and illegals, make beer and liquor easy access for them, and watch the meth heads and illegals swarm like flies! P.S. Don’t forget to lock your doors.”

“Alcohol or no alcohol, that is the question. Petitions are out because a group of people want it here for their own reasons. What, however, will be best for Hartselle? People in Hartselle do drink, and they came to this town knowing that is was dry, but moved here for its incredible charm, and great people. How will alcohol sales improve on that? It will not, even though they will promise that it will. Instead of going with a gut reaction with lots of passion, check out the facts first. Look at Decatur, are they honestly better now that they have alcohol sales? Has crime gone up? Did you investigate before you answered? Will the Hartselle Enquirer take the lead to investigate the claims both sides will make? Only time will tell, but it sure would be nice to know the truth about all of this, not just the spin on numbers and information.”

“I grew up in a town that went wet while I was a kid, and people were like, “Oh it will bring more tax revenue to our town…blahblahblah”. They promised a new high school from the extra revenue, and better athletic fields and programs. Well, the first thing that got built was a bigger jail to keep the DUI people in and the town hired two new cops as well. It was 15 years before that town ever saw a groundbreaking for a new high school. Never did get a new athletic complex.”
People who want liquor sales to come to town will feed you any line they can to get it accomplished. But I can tell you from experience, all that “extra” tax money never shows up. The only thing that shows up are a bunch of illegal aliens with fake IDs, and an increase in domestic violence. Yep, that’s the losers I want closer to my home.

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