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e-sound off for the week of August 12, 2010

Sounding off on alcohol sales in Hartselle
“I think progressive and logical thinking needs to prevail (on alcohol sales) if Hartselle will ever be able to entice business that also increases “visitors”. Visitors spend their money in Hartselle, will help to keep our schools in the best shape they can be in. Sales tax does fund 90 percent of the funds for our schools. Going to Decatur helps their schools. Its time to help our own.”

“Get over the restuarants coming to Hartselle. It doesn’t matter if the city gives them tax free status for years, they are not going to locate in Hartselle. Call any of the restuarants’ home offices mentioned in the previous post and ask them what the number one thing they look for in locations. It is population first. Alcohol does not guarantee more eating establishments, or better schools (example Decatur) or better roads (ie. Decatur).  Yes I know they are redoing the Beltline (state funded…not alcohol revenue) Do a little research before spouting off things others have told you and deceived you into believing.”

Sounding off on school board
“Exactly what part of a school board having anything to do with the school being a “top school system?’ I equate this to a 50/50 split among the teachers and the students. School boards are only the executive branch, if you will, not the educative aspect.”

Sounding off on traffic
“With school starting traffic engineering needs to get busy and regulate the traffic signals. Since Sparkman repaving took place the lights, especially the one at Sparkman, Hayes, Karl Prince and Nanceford is not in any pattern except to hold much longer than necessary even after going over the traffic detector wiring in the street. This is going to cause major problems (already does) when school traffic starts loading the streets down. You can pull up to the light from any direction and with nothing there but you, expect to sit a while.”

Way to go teams!
“Congratulations to our Dixie All-Star teams who just competed in the Dixie World Series. The 7-8 yr. old Darlings team were runners-up in their tournament. The 13-15 yr old Belles got 5th place and were awarded the Sportsmanship Award that is voted on by the umpires in the tournament. Both teams competed against teams from 11 states plus the host team.Once again our girls have shown that not only can we compete with anyone on the field but that we can do it with class. Thanks to both teams for making us proud!”

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