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Political phone calls come at worst times

How many of you received those annoying political phone calls during the recent election?  We had several at our house. It seems these calls always come at a most inconvenient time like when you’re watching a show on TV, and it’s getting to the plot of the show or either right at the end and you miss it because you have to get up and answer the phone.
Since the run-off is over maybe we will get a few months off before the general election in November.
Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Austin DeLoach, son of David and Susan DeLoach. He celebrated his birthday on July 15.
Happy birthday this week to John Hawkins on July 15, Michael Bell on July 16, Michael Halbrooks on July 17 and Velvert Johnson, Bobby Stinnett and Ingrid Arnold, all on July 19. I hope all of you have a great day.
Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Larry and Donna Kirkpatrick on July 17 Greg and Teresa Begeman on July 20 and Dale and Brenda McMinemon on July 20