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Morgan County Sheriff’s Report

• X Box 360, Playstation 2 were stolen on Tall Pine Road in Priceville.
• A vehicle, scrap metal and aluminum cans were stolen on East Byrd Road in Falkville.
• Weapons, pressure washer, hand tools, Nintendo DS, charger and games were stolen on Wilhite Road in Falkville.
• Television, printer, change, two desktop computers were stolen on Plainview Street in Hartselle.
• Paintball gun, cash, food, jewelry, camera were stolen on Lawrence Cove Road in Eva.
• Computer stolen on West Lacon Road in Falkville.
• Knife, vehicle battery, lunchbox with food, floodlight were stolen on Bluff City boat launch.
• Diamond necklace stolen on Powell Chapel Road in Falkville.