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Swim night benefits Boys Ranch

A “Swim Night” will be hosted by WAAY-FM at Point Mallard Park in Decatur on July 12 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. as a fundraiser for the North Alabama Boys Ranch at Neel. All donations will be appreciated.
Shady Grove Baptist Church members paused recently to express their love and appreciation for the following deceased church members:  Johnnie Hill—June 16, 1921—Oct. 26, 2007; Ann Haynes—June 25, 1915—Mar. 28, 2006; and Lillie Bell Dobbins—June 30, 1909—Nov. 23, 2000.
I want to thank my friend, Betty Boyd, for emailing me some interesting church facts, one of which follows: The first Baptist Church in Alabama was founded Oct. 2, 1808, on the Flint River near Huntsville.
Special belated happy birthday wishes go out this week to Janet Herbert Erwin on July 1     Colton Spinks on July 2, Preston Byrd on July 3 and Spencer Phillips on July 4.
Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Jenna Locklear and Drake Sapp, both on July 8, Quintona Crumley on July 9, Connor Boyd on July 12, Louis Depreast and T.J. Braswell, both on July 11 and Tim Roden on July 11.
A special thank you goes out this week for the privilege of being able to live in America—the greatest country on Earth.  Also, to our military personnel for the sacrifices they make to protect our freedom.
The following thoughts about patriotism were expressed by Shady Grove Baptist Church Pastor Tom Campbell in a church newsletter. I thought they were especially meaningful and want to share them with Hartselle Enquirer readers:
“What flashes through your mind when the word “patriotism” comes up in conversation?  Is patriotism an American phenomenon?
By definition,  “patriotism is loving, loyal and zealous support for one’s country. It is not in polished speeches, fireworks, music and the consumption of foods.
I suspect it is the result of appreciation for the blessing of having been privileged to be a part of this or any nation, of recognizing our heritage of having given some of ourselves for its existence or its cause. I propose that patriotism in its purest and best form is the result of a higher citizenship, the outflow of a greater loyalty, precipitated by appreciation, dedication and selfless surrender to a greater cause (the Kingdom of God).
An accurate study of history will reveal that our founding fathers and the great patriots of the past were people of devout faith in the existence of God and His great blessings upon the nation that served Him. A truly great Fourth of July celebration may not be centered on the contributions of others but the faithfulness of our God and renewal of our faith and a dedication to serve Him by service to others.
May God truly bless America!”