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Guests enjoy Priceville party

The first official day of summer is not until June 21 but with the recent high temperatures we’ve been having it feels as if it’s already here.

Round one of the election is now behind us with the runoffs to follow on July 13. Those in the runoffs will now be hard at work again to gain your vote.
On Friday evening, Teresa Begeman of Priceville hosted a Southern Living Party in her home. She had several guests on hand to view the lovely gifts available from Southern Living.
All had a great time, enjoying the food, fun and fellowship.
On Saturday, Kaye Widener and Javon Alldredge enjoyed shopping in Decatur and eating lunch at Camino Real.
Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Ryleigh Patterson and Donna Tankersley, both on June 10, Mike Gibson, Linda Speegle, Mark Paterson and Anthony Rogers, all on June 12, Tina Lemmond on June 14, Lisa M. Cooper Pete Wilson and Tim Penn, all on June 15 and Sherry Adcock and Leona Fortenberry, both on June 16. I’m wishing all of you a great day.
Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out to Steven and Stephanie Jansen on June 10, Michael and Christy Pratt on June 12 and Steve and Roxanne Chisgar, also on June 12. Best wishes for many more happy years together.
Christian love and sympathy is extended to Bro. Alfred and Georgia Palmer in the loss of his sister, Ruby Tanner.
Get well wishes and a speedy recovery go out to Charles Teague who will be having open heart surgery this week.