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Falkville High awards top students

Falkville High School conducted an Awards Day Program recently to recognize a number of its students for outstanding academic achievements during the 2009-10 school year . The honorees and their awards are listed as follows:
English—(I) Heather Smith; first; Tiana Drinkard; runner-up; Bruce Cluxton, most improved; and Colton Maples, most improved runner-up; (2) Sarah Goodman, Lydia Urick and Kaylene Simmons; (III) Crystal Morris, first; Courtney Thompson, runner-up; Brian Burnett, most improved and Joseph Brown, most improved runner-up; (IV) Ashley Holmes, first; Samantha Davis and Haley Stinson, runners-up.
History—(World) Haydn Blevins and Heather Smith, co-first; Tiana Drinkard, runner-up; (Government) Ashley Holmes, first; Travis Cryer, runner-up; (Economics) Kayla Henderson, first; Ashley Holmes, runner-up.
Mathematics—(Algebra IA) Peyton Speegle and Lauren Dudley, co-first; and Misty Eddy and Seth Pillow, runners-up; (Algebra IB) Samantha Blankenship, Sarah Smith and Zack Tanner, co-first; and Karlie Tolbert, Garrett Widner, Allison Hogan and Jared Lakey, runners-up; (Algebra II) Crystal Morris and Logan Smith, co-first; and Hilary Eason, runner-up; (Geometry) Bailey Dunkin, first; and Krista McCabe, runner-up; (Honors Geometry) Heather Smith, first; and Lauren Beasley, runner-up; (Algebraic Connections) Morgan Morrow, first; and Hillary Bumpus and Krista Guyse, runners-up; (Pre-Calculus) Daniel Guthrie and Travis Cryer, co-first; and Kayla Henderson, runner-up.
Science—(Biology 103) Ashley Holmes, first; and Blake Wilhite, runner-up; (Environmental Science) Porchia Young, first; and Tabitha Reeves, runner-up; (Anatomy) Michael Hopper. first; and Sarah Goodman, runner-up.
Spanish—(I) Crystal Morris, first; and Logan Smith, runner-up; (II) Ashley Holmes, first; and Justin Jacobs, runner-up.
Electives—(Computer Applications) Heather Smith, first; and Tiana Drinkard, runner-up; (Health) Porchia Young, first; and Karlie Talbert, runner-up; Agriscience) Heather Smith, first; and Travis Blankenship, runner-up; (Shop) Carl Chenoweth, Blain Legg and Clay Austill, co-first; (Ag Communications) Dylan Kyle, first; and Cody Kelsoe, runner-up; (Shop) Brandon Westmoreland and David Boroughs, co-first; (Agribusiness Technology) Danielle Williams, first; Michael Hopper and Travis Sumerel, runners-up; (Shop) Chris Creech and Aaron Smith, co-first; (Agrimarketing) Myka McCarley, first; and Courtney Thompson and Sarah Goodman, runners-up; (Coordinated Studies) Ashleigh Vaughn, first; and Athena Kirkpatrick, runner-up; (Art) Daniel Guthrie, first; Tabitha Reeves, Kayla McCarley and Kayla Henderson, runners-up; (Family and Consumer Science) Whitney Curvin, first; and Courtney Smith, runner-up; (Life Connections) Lacey James and Bridget Jackson, co-first; and Porchia Young and Natalee Estes, runners-up; (Yearbook Production) Tabitha Reeves, first; and Kayla Henderson, runner-up.
Awards were presented to Falkville Junior High School students as follows:
English—(6th Grade) Kaitlyn Boyer, first; and Bryan Holmes, runner-up; (7th Grade) Markeeta Thomas, first; and Callie Garner, runner-up; (8th Grade) Zack Garrison and Brett Blackwood, co-first; and Aaron Estes, runner-up.
Mathematics—(6th Grade) Bryan Holmes, first; and Emily Mickelson, runner-up; (7th Grade) Callie Garner, first; and Markeeta Thomas, runner-up; (8th Grade) Savannah Garrison, first; and Hannah Adamson, runner-up; (Algebra I) Brett Blackwood, first; and Zack Garrison, runner-up.
Science—(6th Grade) Bryan Holmes and Bailey Anders, co-first; and Emily Mickelson, Josie Luker and Ryan Free, runners-up; (7th Grade) Callie Garner, first; and Nate Drinkard, runner-up; (8th Grade) Areal Williams and Zack Garrison, co-first; and Cheyenne Scott and Brett Blackwood, runners-up;
Social Studies—(6th Grade History) Bailey Anders, first; and Bryan Holmes, runner-up; (7th Grade) Nate Drinkard, first; and Alli Garrison, runner-up; (8th Grade) Zach Garrison, first; and Aaron Estes and Brett Blackwood, runner-up;
Reading—(6th Grade) Emily Mickelson, first; and Bryan Holmes, runner-up; (7th Grade) Lynsey Lee, first; and Callie Garner, runner-up.
Physical Education—(Boys) Austin Burt, first; and Brett Blackwood, runner-up; (Girls) Patricia Kilgore, first; and Jessica Gibbs, runner-up.
Electives—(Agriscience Explorations) Zack Garrison and Tyler Boyer, co-first; and Areal Williams and Savannah Garrison, runners-up; (Shop) Sydney Smith, Cade Wilemon, Austin Burts, Shawn Mears and C.J. Holiman, runners-up; (Introduction to Agriscience) Dallas Mayer, first; Christa Fortenberry, runner-up; (Shop) Brandon Bledsoe, Colin Eason and Colton Smith, co-first; (Teen Connections) Jessica Gibbs, Savannah Garrison, Zach Garrison and Kelsi Young, co-first; and Trevor Blackwood, Sydney Smith, Gannon Slusser and Scarlett Graham, runners-up.