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Students enjoy Field Day

By Staff
Special to the Enquirer
The first Morgan County Young Farmers Field Day was held recently at the Soggy Bottom Music Barn.
The free event put on by volunteers from the Morgan County Young Farmers brought in more than 260 third grade students from six different elementary schools in Morgan County.
During the course of the day, the students navigated through 13 different stations, each focusing on a different aspect of farm life. With the Alabama Farmers Federation theme of “Farming Feeds Alabama” ready to greet the students, the emphasis was first on their minds as they learned exactly where their food comes from and the farmers who work so hard to keep their food and animals safe and healthy.
During the 15 minutes the students had at each station they were able to get their hands on the animals, seeds, and farm equipment that farmers handle every day. Although many of the school students are considered to be from “rural” areas, for most their knowledge of farm life is limited if any and this was the first time they had an opportunity to pet a Brahma bull, milk a Nubian goat, hold a baby chick, investigate seeds from a garden, or climb on a tractor.