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A look back

By By Dr. Bill Stewart
June 11, 1959-John Warren, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Warren, is in Birmingham today for the purpose of receiving a $100 reward, this being the prize for showing a prize calf in a recent exposition.
June 11, 1959-Ruth Gayle Cost will enter the senior class of the University of Alabama School of Nursing when fall classes begin. At present she is doing an internship at the TB sanitarium at Flint.
June 11, 1959—The Morgan County Training School band recently won high honors during competition at Alabama A &M in Huntsville.
June 11, 1959-Mrs. Cooper McClanahan has returned home from Atlantic City where the participated in the national convention of the American Red Cross.
June 12, 1959—Citizens Bank of Hartselle is in the beginning stages of erecting a highly modern new building here.
June 12, 1959—Mrs. Lucille S. Palmer has received a plaque in recognition of “ten years of service to your community” from Western Auto. Mrs. Palmer began managing the store after her husband, Lee R. Palmer, died.
June 13, 1959—Hubert Mitchell has retired from the presidency of his business, handing over the reins to his brother, Billy Don Mitchell, after 32 years.
June 13, 1959—Pfc. Coy Turney is now stationed at Loving AFB, Me.
June 13, 1959—J. B. “Ears” Whitworth, predecessor to Paul “Bear” Bryant as Alabama Crimson Tide mentor, is now a member of Wally Butts’ Georgia staff. He coached linemen during spring practice.
June 14, 1959-Seaman Robert E. Mayfield is now posted with the U.S. Navy at Long Beach, Calif.
June 14, 1959-Tommy Joe McCoy, 22, an Addison shipping clerk, and Joy Fran Nixon, a ‘57 MCHS graduate who is now employed as a secretary, were recently married.
June 14, 1959-The Hartselle Coon Hunters Association sponsored a coon-on-the-log contest today at the Horace Roberts lake.
June 15, 1959-Hartselle’s bright young scholar, Bob Orr, is currently completing his year of study at England’s Leeds University as the holder of a Fulbright scholarship. This fall Bob will enroll for classes at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He has been named a Woodrow Wilson fellow.
June 15, 1959-Guy Holloway now has completed the first home in his new subdivision.
June 16, 1959-Guy Walker is foreman of the currently empanelled Morgan County grand jury.
June 16, 1959-Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Vest are the proud parents of a new baby daughter born at Decatur General Hospital.
June 16, 1959-A bill sponsored by Representatives Bob Gilchrist and Albert Brewer has passed the Alabama Legislature and will expand Hartselle’s city limits. The new territory adjoins Highway 31 south (about 1,500 acres) and includes 250 inhabitants. Currently, Hartselle’s population is estimated to be about 6,000.
June 17, 1959-Local officials are now finalizing the details of a contract which will locate a new garment plant in Hartselle. Meetings have taken place both here and in Tennessee, headquarters of the lingerie firm. Participants locally have included Merrill Doss, president of the Chamber of Commerce; John Burleson, mayor; and Jack Hoffhaus, editor and publisher of the Enquirer. More than one hundred thousand dollars has been pledged for construction of a factory. The payroll is expected to be a half million annually.
June 17, 1959-A local department store is offering men’s Adam’s bubble-weight straw hats for $1.95.
June 17, 1959-Bud Orr reported for duty with the U.S. Navy today. He recently graduated from Vanderbilt and received his commission the same day.