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Lawmaker apologizes for email response

By By Leada Gore, Hartselle Enquirer
A Morgan County Legislator is apologizing for using foul language in his response to an email, saying he thought it was a prank.
Rep. Ronald Grantland, D-Hartselle, said he normally deletes racially motivated emails without reading them but assumed the one he received from a South Alabama resident was a hoax. The email contains the text of a chain letter addressing actions of the Legislature, illegal immigration and Southern rights. The email also contained audio of the Hank Williams Jr. song “If the South Would Have Won,” and photos of Confederate battle flags.
Grantland responded to the email with “Yea, go f*** yourself.”
A copy of Grantland’s response was sent to the Enquirer Tuesday afternoon by the state Republican party.
Grantland, who was first elected to office in 1998, said he receives a number of chain-type emails in a week and normally deletes them.
The original letter and Grantland’s response was sent to Huntsville radio talk show host Dale Jackson. Jackson’s blog,, contains the original letter sent to Grantland, as well as a copy of his reply.
The blog mistakenly refers to Grantland as representing south Alabama. His district covers Morgan and Cullman counties.