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Kids come in handy sometimes

By By Michelle Blaylock, Mom’s Corner
I can remember teaching my children about VCR’s, portable CD players, how to use the internet, and how to make a call on our new cell phone. Then, all of a sudden, my children are looking at me exasperatedly saying things like, “Just give me the phone Mom. Now, what were you trying to do?” and “Mom, just move. What were you looking for on the internet?”
What happened? I used to be so “up” on everything. Where did I start to lose my grip on the newest gadgets? Answer: Somewhere around the sixth child. Actually, I vividly remember my oldest daughter asking for an I pod and me looking at her and thinking “An I-what??” Then trying to figure out the difference between an I pod and a MP3 player. When I discovered they could hold several hundred songs, I thought, “Why would anyone need something that holds several hundred songs? I am not even sure I could come up with several hundred songs to load on the thing.” Then it hit me. I was becoming very “set” in my ways.
Just because I did not really desire a gadget that could hold several hundred (or thousand, now) songs, does not mean that it should not exist. Some of these little gadgets can hold up to 20,000 songs and play recorded television programs and videos! I find that amazing; maybe it is because I can remember when “walkmans” were first released! Wow, I just dated myself — again.
There are times, such as when the computer and printer are not on speaking terms, or when the computer decides to lose its mind, along with all the files I need, that I think technology is an annoyance.
However, when I had to have surgery and the doctor used the laparoscopic method and instead of having a large incision I had three tiny ones, I was quite happy with technological advances. I do not complain when I use my cell phone to keep track of my children and their practices or when someone at home calls me to tell me we are out of something. I also enjoy being able to call my Mom while I am sitting in the pickup line at school and being able text my siblings. Although, I admit it would be nice to learn how to use all the other features on my phone. Umm, kids?
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