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Priceville man kills wife, three others in Lauderdale County

By Staff
A Priceville man distraught over an impending divorce killed his wife, daughter, sister and nephew Tuesday, ending his spree by burning the family home and killing himself, according to Morgan County Sheriff’s officials.
Kevin Lee Garner, 45, is suspected of killing his wife, Tammy Morgan Garner, 40, their daughter, Chelsie Garner, 16, sister, Karen Beaty, of Illinois, and her son, 11. The child’s name has not been released.
All died of gunshot wounds.
Beaty was in Lawrence County to testify against Kevin Garner in the divorce hearing. The hearing was set for Wednesday.
Sheriff’s officials said Kevin Garner traveled to Greenhill in Lauderdale County around midnight Tuesday and killed the four people. The bodies were discovered by Chelsie Garner’s boyfriend. He then returned to the family home on Old Somerville Road, burned it down and then killed himself with a gunshot to the chest. His body was found about 100 yards from the smoldering remains of the home.
The Garner’s divorce was scheduled to be heard Wednesday in Morgan County.
Tammy Garner had filed for divorce last May, alleging physical and emotional abuse.