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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Sept. 20, 1957-The MCHS Tigers lost more than a football game to the Athens Golden Eagles tonight. Three Hartselle athletes required a doctor's care as a result of injuries they sustained in the contest.
David McElroy fractured his elbow while Billy Don Aldridge and Willard Lipsey had knee and neck injuries. MCHS's only TD came late in the game when Buddy Roberts received an Eagles kickoff and ran it back for 95 yards.
Sept. 21, 1957-Alabama Attorney General John Patterson is on the warpath against close to a thousand small loan firms in the state that regularly charge their poor clients between 250 and 2000 percent interest on the money that they borrow. Alabama has the distinctly bad reputation of being the "loan shark state."
Sept. 22, 1957-A sister of Bev Howell, Mrs. Mary Etta Slate, passed away in Kalamazoo, Mich., today.
Sept. 22, 1957-At present the average pension being received by an elderly Alabamian averages to $43.88. The pension added to an individual's other income sources cannot total to more than $60 monthly.
Sept. 23, 1957-A teachers' workshop was held at MCHS today. Local educators playing key roles in this program included Mrs. Rachel Oden, Mrs. Beulah Y. Pettey, Mrs. Effie Lou Gilchrist, Mrs. Margie B. Long, and Mrs. Lucile P. Nicholson.
Sept. 24, 1957-According to calls received by parents of local UA students, there is a serious outbreak of Asian flu at the Capstone at present. The health service has had a massive increase in its normal caseload. A new vaccine developed to inoculate against the flu is being rushed to distribution centers so that as many people as possible can be spared the suffering associated with this virulent form of flu.
Sept. 25, 1957-The Morgan County budget will be more than $360,000 during the next fiscal year, a $15,000 increase over '56-'57. The old courthouse is in bad shape and needs extensive renovation. For the first time the building will be air-conditioned.
Sept. 26, 1957-Hugh F. Penn, acting Hartselle postmaster, is the new president of the local Kiwanis Club. Other officers include Robert Stephenson, vice-president; Scotty Stone, secretary; and Buck Strickland, treasurer.
Sept. 26, 1957-Jerry Atkins has been selected as the most outstanding student at MCHS for this month. Jerry plays end on the football team and has a perfect class attendance record.