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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Aug. 30, 1957-Mrs. Bonnie Holmes, a graduate of Eva High School, has been recognized for outstanding performance as an employee of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency in Huntsville. Maj. Gen. J. B. Medaris, agency commander, and Dr. Werner von Braun, chief of the development operations division, presented Mrs. Holmes with a check for $200.
Aug. 30, 1957-Leon Braswell, Falkville 1, died today when his car plunged off a hill on Highway 31. Herbert Hopper, who lives on Hartselle 1, is now in Decatur General Hospital as a result of injuries he sustained in an auto accident on Magnolia Street in Decatur. Mr. Hopper was driving a '53 Chevy.
Aug. 31, 1957-Preston Hall, Hartselle gas superintendent, is slowly recovering from the shoulder break he suffered in an on the job accident a couple of weeks ago.
Sept. 1, 1957-The exciting new movie, "Hellcats of the Navy," will be shown at Decatur's Princess Theatre beginning today. Ronald Reagan's co-star in the film is Nancy Davis (later Mrs. Ronald Reagan).
Sept. 1, 1957-A local supermarket is currently offering two large boxes of Tide detergent for 49 cents.
Sept. 1, 1957-Due primarily to a rash of recent accidents, Morgan County currently has a blood bank deficit of 402 pints. Transfusions have been given in the amount of 918 pints but only 516 pints have been donated. A visit by the blood bank is expected here soon.
Sept. 2, 1957-Millard Reeves, a resident of 625 Pattillo Street, has added both a bedroom and a porch to his home. The cost was about $500.
Sept. 3, 1957-Alabama workers make more per week than employees in any other southeastern state, according to a recent report from the federal labor statistics office in Atlanta. However, although Alabama workers average $67.38 per week, this is about $14 dollars less than the national average of $81.78.
Sept. 4, 1957-U.S. bonds are now paying 4 percent interest. This is the highest return offered on government securities in many years and some congressional Democrats are saying it is "immoral" for the government to pay out this much in interest.
Sept. 5, 1957-Buddy Rodgers, owner of Rodgers and Rodgers Taxi Co., claims that his two competitors are using unmarked cars to transport passengers to their destinations.