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Definition of Labor Day fun differs from family to family

By Staff
Michelle Blaylock, Mom's Corner
I just realized last week that this coming Monday is Labor Day. I know you must be wondering just how I could have missed that, but understand I have four children playing soccer and one playing softball. My life revolves around who is supposed to be at practice and where! It wasn't until I was filling in practices for the next week that I realized it was Labor Day.
Although Labor Day was created to pay tribute to the American worker, I find I don't usually think of it in those terms. Labor Day for my family has been everything from a time to visit family we haven't had a chance to see all summer to a chance to catch up on some much needed housework or home repairs.
What do I have planned for this year's Labor Day? I haven't got a clue. It's not that we don't have stuff we need to get done. There's yard work galore, but it's been way too hot. There's painting that needs to be done. Yes, there's family we need to go visit. Of course, the kids want to do something fun.
So what really is the best way to spend Labor Day weekend? Truthfully, that depends on you and your family. I know of one family whose favorite plan is to rent movies and spend the entire weekend with movies, popcorn and family time.
I know another family who really enjoys yard work. Seriously! It's their thing. They love it. They enjoy landscaping their yard. I know of another family who enjoys redecorating and are constantly doing it. It's fun and relaxing for them. I personally think each family should find a hobby and spend some time together doing it. Just because it's a "home improvement" activity such as landscaping or painting doesn't mean that it can't also be a great family time.
Of course, in a large family like mine it's sometimes hard to agree on a "family hobby." For instance, my son and husband love to play paintball. Although there is some serious satisfaction in shooting your husband with paintballs as he runs across the backyard (especially if you've had a little argument earlier), overall playing paintball just isn't my thing. Personally, I prefer sitting at a swimming pool with a good book and occasionally cooling off in the water with the kids, an activity my husband isn't anymore fond of than I am of playing paintball. When it cools off we enjoy camping together, but I don't camp when it's this hot.
However, we both love to take the kids to "historical" type places. It can be a little challenging finding ones that appeal to a 4-year-old as well as a 15-year-old. Sometimes, someone just has to live with being bored for a bit. Also, many communities have large Labor Day celebrations.
Whatever you do this Labor Day weekend, I encourage you to spend some time with your family. I wonder. Do you think the kids would consider painting the family room fun?
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