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By Staff
Hartselle a unique place
I live in New Brunswick Canada. I have visited Hartselle on five or six occasions, the last time about 14 years ago. Twenty-five years or so ago I wrote to a pen pal I found in a woman's magazine her name is Brenda Hilton. She is from Hartselle. Through her I met other people: her mom Alma and cousin Barbara Robbins and many other nice people.
I felt so welcomed there. They have been like ambassadors for your city. They tell me all about it so that I can keep up with all the changes. I loved Hartselle right away when I went. Brenda showed me around and I was able to see all the things that make Hartselle so special. I guess in all of it I have left a piece of my heart there and someday I hope to go again to see my good friends and visit your beautiful city again. I enjoyed trying the many foods that were different to me but very good!
Florence Leger
Cocagne, New Brunswick, Canada