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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
August 23, 1957-Despite the intense summer heat, the MCHS football Tigers are practicing in full gear as they get ready for their initial game with Falkville on Sept. 13. The local team is currently in a rebuilding phase after losing last season's standouts Karl Estes, Frankie and Brownie Dean, Pat Wallace, and Jon Burleson. Players expected to see at lot of action in the Falkville contest include Billy Don Aldridge, Eddie Tapscott, Sherman Burch, Gary Vest, Don Summerford, Wayne Whitworth, David Buckalew, Jerry Atkins, Tommy Ed Roberts, Jimmie Mayfield, Charles Howell, Willard Lipsey, David McElroy, and Buddy Roberts.
Aug. 24, 1957-Mrs. Raymond Orr, who lives on Hartselle 2, is back from attending the 350th festival of the Jamestown settlers landing in Virginia. Mrs. Orr also visited Williamsburg and Yorktown and took a cruise on the James River.
Aug. 25, 1957-People are too frequently exceeding posted speed limits, according to several members of the Hartselle city council.
The problem is especially serious on Bethel Road. Ideally, a motorcycle policeman would be employed to patrol the city streets but funds are unavailable for this.
Drag-racers will be severely punished if caught, however.
Aug. 26, 1957-The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill that permits voters in Morgan County school districts to levy higher property taxes on themselves to get a better education for their children. Greatest interest in this legislation was shown in the Union Hill community.
Aug. 27, 1957-The Morgan County probate office will soon have a device that will copy documents. It is called a Photostat machine and will cost somewhere between $8,000 and $9,000.
Aug. 27, 1957-Jimmy Faulkner, an unsuccessful candidate for governor a few years ago, is running again. Tonight he brought his so far unofficial campaign to local Kiwanians. Faulkner is widely known as a newspaper publisher and insurance executive.
Aug. 28, 1957-Reform school is the home for the time being for three Hartselle youths who have been arrested for stealing bikes in Decatur and then riding them here. The five bikes taken by the young thieves were all returned to their rightful owners.
Aug. 29, 1957-Seven million adult Americans are heavy, addictive drinkers. The number of adult drinkers is growing by 250,000 per year. Problems with over-indulgence don't seem to be affected by whether the place of residence is legally wet or, as in Morgan County, dry.