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By Staff
Hospital went above call of duty
Editor's note: The following letter was received March 15 by Hartselle Medical Center CEO David Jones.
I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. Hospital staffs always hear the negative but very rarely hear the positive.
On Tuesday, March 7, 2006, my grandfather, Charlie Sherman, and I were working on the second floor in medical records installing new locks. I was drilling and he was vacuuming. I heard something and thought he tripped on a cord.
When I turned and looked, he was having a heart attack. The staff in medical records was quick to respond and call for help. The code response team arrived so fast that he was still breathing, but as they assessed the situation he stopped (breathing) and had no pulse.
Mrs. Jerri Nelson and Mrs. Kathy Goodwin were there to help me get in touch with all my family and to keep me calm. They also got the health information from me that Dr. McIntire needed to treat my grandfather.
Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Nelson stayed with me and my family until we were transferred to Decatur General Hospital later that day. Dr. McIntire was so kind to keep us informed of what was going on.
My family is grateful to the medical records staff, Dr. McIntire, the code response team, Debra Nelson in respiratory, Tim Bunny in maintenance who thought to bring a stretcher when he heard the code, Mrs. Jerri Nelson in human resources, and Mrs. Kathy Goodwin in marketing for helping the family and all who helped in any way.
We know that they, with the help of God, saved his life.
My grandfather is doing better. He will have a defibrillator put in March 17. We realize that we have been blessed with more time to spend with him and we thank you all.
C. Michael Sherman
Decatur Lockmaster and Safe
Faculty thanks supporters
The faculty and staff of Hartselle Junior High School would like to thank all of those who played a part in the Teachers Appreciation Day on May 3. We were pleasantly surprised to find a huge variety of food available to us throughout the day. Amy Coleman stayed the entire day to set up and maintain a constant supply of food and drinks. There was also a beautiful arrangement in the middle of all the food that was provided by Apple's Florist. We are very fortunate to work in a system where we are supported by so many individuals and businesses.
Hartselle Junior High School
Faculty and Staff