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It's Roundup time!

By Staff
Local winners recognized in 22 categories
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
More than 150 4-H'ers and volunteer sponsors from throughout Morgan County participated in the annual 4-H Round-Up at the Farm Services Center in Hartselle on April 28.
4-H members competed in public speaking, demonstrations, bike rodeo, Chicken Q cook-off and compact tractor driving. Entries in other competitions were judged and winners were recognized.
Winners in the various categories are listed as follows:
Honey Bee Essay-(senior) Kelsey Thacker, first; Andrea Cottingham, second; (junior) Alex Paulson, first.
Safety Cartoon-(senior) Austin Chunn, first, Heather Anderson, second and Kelsey Thacker, third; (junior) Alex Paulsen, first, Craig Anderson and Leigha Summerford, tie for second, and Alondra Espinosa, third.
Radon Poster-(senior) Austin Chunn, first, Heather Anderson, second and Kelsey Thacker, third; (junior) Natalie Mullen, first, Laura Mullen, second and Craig Anderson, third.
Dairy Poster-(senior) Austin Chunn, first and Kelsey Thacker, second; (junior) Alex Paulsen, first, Brad Gentle, second and Quinn Burgess, third.
Wood Science Project-(junior) Jake Allen, first, Cindy DeVoe, second and Travis Frey, third.
Wood Science -(junior) Jake Allen, first, Cindy DeVoe, second and Travis Frey, third.
Beef Dish-(senior) Austin Chunn, first, and Kelsey Thacker, second.
Handicrafts-(senior) Caitlin Frey, first, Austin Chunn, second and Zach Anderson, third; (junior) Elise Hall, first, Cindy DeVoe, second and Cole Sykos, third; (fifth grade) Jillian Selas, first, Victoria Hardiman, second and Alondra Espinosa, third.
Environmental Science Exhibit-(senior) Kelsey Thacker, first; (junior) Brad Gentle, first.
Compact Tractor Driving-(senior) Jahmeel Moore, Stedman Garner, second and David Cortez, third; (junior) Jake Allen, first, Travis Frey, second and Preslie Hardiman, third.
Record Books-(Blue Award) Austin Chunn, Caitlin Frey, Brad Gentle and Leigha Summerford; (Red Award) Travis Frey, Gabby Gibbons, Presley Hardiman and Victoria Hardiman.
Chicken Q-(senior) J.D. Wynn, first and Zach Hill, second; (junior) Perrin Jones, first, Maggie Moore, second and Josh Flowers, third.
Fourth Grade Cookies- Patrick DeVoe, first, Deasia Burgess, second and Ashley Anderson, third.
Fifth Grade Muffins-Skigh Kinney, first and Travis Frey, second.
Junior Quick Bread-Leigha Summerford, first.
Junior Cake-Perrin Jones first, Leigha Summerford, second and Craig Anderson, third.
Senior Cake-Kellie Watkins, first, Tori Stickles second and Austin Chunn, third.
Senior Yeast Bread-Austin Chunn, first and Kelsey Thacker, second.
Junior Dairy Demonstration-Brelin Davis, first.
Bicycle Rodeo-(junior) Ashley Anderson, first, Jordan Tibbs, second and Presley Hardiman, third.
Public Speaking/Informative-(senior) Kelsey Thacker, first and Robin Howes, second; (junior) Diamond Robinson, first and Lakeisha Adams, second.
Public Speaking/Persuasive-(senior) Kimmie Thomason, first; (junior) Brad Gentle, first, Andrea Williamson, second and Jalen McCloud, third.
Photography (My Alabama)-(senior) Austin Chunn, first, Amber Sanford, second and Kavia Brown, third; (junior) Brad Gentle, first, Allison Lee, second and Nick Alexander, third.
4-H in Action and Service-(senior) Austin Chunn, first.
Family and Friends-(senior) Stephanie Oden, first, Lydia Boswell, second and Austin Chunn, third; (junior) Hunter Garett, first and McKensie Alred, second.
Changing Faces of Agriculture-(junior) Brad Gentle, first, Ben Paulsen, second and Jesse Turner, third.
Altered Imagery-Craig Anderson, first, Allison Lee, second and Allison Lee, third.
4-H Shirt Design-David Pope, first and Kim Callahan, second.
Alabama the Beautiful Essay-Kelsey Thacker, first.
Citizenship/Washington Conference Focus-J. D. Wynn, first.