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By Staff
George finances influences voter
Campaigning for the June primary elections has just started. With this in mind I think that it is an appropriate time for Morgan County citizens to be reminded of our past.
Be reminded that the candidate for Morgan County Sheriff and County Commissioner Stacy George has filed for bankruptcy.
Do you want a man who can't manage his own money managing our tax dollars?
Tony Blackwood
Fine arts event was worthwhile
As one who attended the Hartselle Historical Society's benefit for the Burleson Fine Arts Center last Saturday night, it was a very successful and enjoyable evening.
They raised several thousand dollars for the Fine Arts Center, had an excellent meal and wonderful entertainment.
The entertainment was provided by the College Street Players, which is a group of singers from all ages, singing well-known songs from several movies and Broadway plays.
The talent of the singers was impressive and they sounded professional.
For those who missed this worthwhile benefit, I would recommend attending and supporting next year's benefit.
Bob Jaques
Our Opinion
Senior Center is long overdue
Plans to apply for a Community Development Block Grant to pay for a new senior citizen center in Hartselle is music to the ears of many in our community. It's an idea that's long overdue.
Hartselle's senior citizens share a room at the Civic Center with other groups. The current location can house only 40 people, limiting the activities seniors can enjoy.
The city is teaming up with the county to apply for the $250,000 grant and the county is promising a local match of $25,000 for the project. The money would fund an addition ot the Civic Center, including a kitchen, office and storage space that woulld be used exclusively for senior citizens and their activities.
The work on the project shows the importance of municipal and county cooperation. It also highlights the importance of caring for an important segment of our community.
Let's hope the grant is approved and the senior center is built.