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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
April 26, 1956 -It's clean-up day at the Buck Strickland home. Mrs. Strickland entertained yesterday with a lively party honoring son Mike on his seventh birthday.
April 27, 1956 -Bob Orr and Johnny and Jimmie Cain of the University of Alabama are spending the weekend here with homefolks.
April 28, 1956 -Members of the senior class of Eva High School are enjoying a weekend in Panama City, Florida. Mrs. Opal C. Stewart is chaperoning the girls in the group.
April 29, 1956 -Russell L. Proctor, who recently dedicated his life to the ministry, brought his message to the First Methodist Church tonight.
April 29, 1956 -Mr. and Mrs. W. T. (Tom) Stewart celebrated their golden wedding anniversary today. All children and grandchildren of the happy couple were present.
April 30, 1956 -Rev. E. M. Barnes, Jr., pastor of Hartselle First Methodist, left today to attend sessions of his denomination's quadrennial general conference.
May 1, 1956 -Today is Election Day, when Democrats choose party nominees for state and county offices and delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer. At the top of the ballot are incumbent Lister Hill and challenger John Crommelin, competing for the U.S. Senate. The most contested race locally is for chairman of the county board of revenue (commission). Incumbent Sim L. Howell is fighting off challenges from Guy D. Roberts, Leonard E. Slate, and Wallace H. Meadows.
May 2,1956 -Votes from yesterday's election have now been tabulated. Incumbent Sim Howell and challenger Guy Roberts will face each other in a run-off for chairman of the Morgan County Board of Revenue. Statewide the choice of the electorate was a resounding slap at Gov. Folsom and every candidate associated with him.
May 3,1956 -A man who practiced as a physician in Hartselle for several months was one of three Morgan Countians arrested by federal agents the first of the week on narcotics charges.
May 3,1956 -Hubert Mitchell, owner of Hubert Mitchell Industries, has been invited to a Washington occupational safety conference by President Eisenhower, May 14, 15, and 16. Mr. Mitchell has been a strong "Ike" supporter since 1952.