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By Staff
City needs third fire station
There is a petition being signed at many convenient stores in Hartselle that is asking this city council and mayor to go forward in building fire station three. It is to be located on the south side of Hartselle near the UPS facility. This petition also asks for more firemen to be added to the current stations. This third station will provide the much needed proper protection for Hickory Heights, Tanner Heights, Shoal Creek subdivisions, as well as the Industrial Park.
All of this council, along with the mayor, openly stated that they supported station three when they ran for office and all, except one, was posed with this question at the civic center in 2004. To date, they haven't made any effort to continue what the previous council started.
There is a rule of thumb that most fire departments across this country try to adhere to. It's called the "two in, two out" rule. At least two firefighters enter the immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) atmosphere and remain in visual or voice contact with one another at all times. At least two firefighters will be located outside the IDLH atmosphere. Currently, we would be hard pressed to have this.
Don't let this council and the mayor distract you with their spin! We are currently understaffed and our equipment is starting to exhibit fatigue. Unless you have ever put on "turn out gear," strapped on an air pack, pulled a hose off a unit, stood for hours fighting a major fire, you can only speculate. I can personally say that I have "been there, done that" in the late 1970's as a member of an all volunteer fire department.
One councilman has said that no one would support this, another asked where would we get the money. Hundreds have already signed this petition, and the money could come out of the general fund, which currently is allegedly over $6 million. Maybe we could use the profits from our new trash business to help this project along.
Recently, I was asked a question that I would, in turn, like to pose to the mayor and city council in Hartselle. "If they, (mayor, council), are planning on annexing the state of Alabama, shouldn't they be ready in advance with all the proper services that is needed?"
If anyone is interested in a copy or copies of this petition for the purpose of obtaining additional signatures, please contact me at 773-6789. You never seem to appreciate a service enough until you need them. This group of men have my full support. Please, our fire department needs your help! Sign the petition!
Mike Dowdy
Hartselle, Alabama