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Jail fence to cost $128,943

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
The Morgan County Commission voted 3-1 to spend $128,943 for the partial fencing of the new Morgan County Jail property. . A bid in that amount was submitted by Jones Fence Enterprises. No other bids were received.
Voting no was District 3 Commissioner Kevin Murphy. He said he preferred a fenced-in area on the west side of the building capable of holding the jail population in the event of a fire or other emergency. He pointed out that it would be much less expensive.
The commission reached a decision to erect a fence that would not be obtrusive to adjacent commercial property owners and community leaders after walking the property with Sheriff Greg Bartlett on April 8. A section of decorative fence will extend from the southeast corner of the jail to the southeast corner of the property. A chain link fence will extend west from that point to the southwest property corner and then north to a point just north of the jail's loading dock. Both will be 10-feet high with razor wire at the top.
During a discussion of Jones' bid in a work session, officials acknowledged the cost of the partial fence will be about the same as a bid received earlier to fence the entire property with a chain link fence. Commission Chairman John Glasscock said the section of decorative fencing was the difference.
A spokesman for the bidder said work can be scheduled immediately for the erection of the chain link fence; however, he pointed out materials needed for the decorative fence will have to be ordered and delivery could take several days.
In a separate but related action, the Commission authorized Chairman Glasscock to let bids for netting to cover four unroofed recreational areas inside the jail compound. The estimated cost is $50,000 to $60,000. It also agreed to take bids on the tinting of windows and bunks for control rooms in the jail's four pods.
Sheriff Bartlett reported a delay in getting wiring installed to support computer operations.
"They are saying they may not be able to meet the June 1 deadline and that concerns me," he said. "Also, it hasn't been easy getting contractors to come back and take care of loose ends. I just wanted to keep you informed about what is going on."
Chairman Glasscock told commissioners he has received a list of "to do's" and indicated he would provide each one of them a copy after the meeting.