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By Staff
Hartselle needs fire protection, too
Garbage collection vs. fire protection. After reading all I can read about Hartselle's decision to go back into the garbage business, I have to say that the plan was well thought out, and I feel if it is managed as good as it was planned the system will be a success. I do have to admit, I question the priority in which the government reaches it's decisions.
It has been quite clear for years that the Hartselle Fire Department is too small, and the city needs a third fire station. With this plan, as was done with the garbage collection system that the city has embarked on, careful long range planning and professional management must be implemented. It seems that the management is in place, but it also appears that the planning is no more than mere talk, and to some a dream that does not seem to be close to being a reality.
The Fire/Rescue service is appreciated and needed by all, and taken for granted by the majority. That is, until that service is needed.
The government's first priority is to protect its citizens, and all too often the fire and police service are told to do more with less, and too often to take a back seat to other projects. It appears that may have happened to the fire department when it comes to garbage collection.
The new garbage service and its planning are applauded, but our government must learn to give public safety some priority when a need exists, and a third fire station is definitely a need that exists for the city of Hartselle.
Randy Cavnar
Congressman made visit memorable
During the first week of March, I accompanied three students from Danville High School-Rebekah Boswell, Haley Hensley and Josh Melson-on our school's 17th year to participate in the Close Up Foundation's government studies program in Washington, D.C.
On our Capitol Hill Day, Wednesday, March 8, Congressman Robert Aderholt and his office staff were very generous with their time. Chris Lawson, from the Congressman's staff, was an excellent guide on our tour of the U.S. Capitol. Congressman Aderholt then met us on the House steps for a photo and then accompanied us to the House Gallery, where he explained what was happening on the busy floor of the House of Representatives and how the upcoming votes would take place.
We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Congressman for making an already exciting week an especially memorable one.
Steve Hardy
Danville High School
Close Up sponsor
City made good impression
My family and I were in your city this past weekend.
We were attending the softball tournament hosted by the Hartselle High softball team.
We have attended several tournaments in various cities to watch my niece play ball and have never been so impressed with the conditions of the playing fields.
You have a beautiful facility and your Parks &Recreation Depart-ment should be commended for hard work.
We look forward to visiting again.
Danielle Kelley