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By Staff
Your source for community topics and thoughts
The Hartselle Enquirer e-sound off is an opportunity for residents to provide anonymous comments about community issues. All comments are subject to editing. The Editor reserves the right to refuse publication. In the event of several submissions on a single topic, a representative comments may be used. Comments can include your thoughts on local issues, questions about policies or procedures or praise for a community group, business or person. Email your comments to with "Sound-off" in subject line. You can also place your comment on our recorded system by calling 773-6566, ext. 11. You do not have to leave your name or telephone number. Phone comments are limited to 1 minute. Email comments are limited to 75 words.
Trash service
With the latest addition to the trash service in Hartselle being a dump truck, two men manually dumping the brown containers into the front of the backhoe, and running two days behind, one could easy ask when will we start using horses and wagons to haul off trash. Folks, you just can't make this stuff up! We should have thought of this years ago.
Sound off a good idea
The "Sound Off" column seems to be an interesting idea. I certainly hope that it will appear in the online edition so those of us former residents who now live out of state can follow the banter therein.
Hartselle restaurants
Hartselle needs more restaurants that are open late at night. Everything closes down at 9 p.m. and there's not many places to go.
More on garbage service
Did anyone notice how well our new garbage pickup worked last week? Four men, a backhoe and a dump truck. Looks like our City Council has made another great decision.
Congratulations to softball team
The Lady Tigers won third place in a tournament this last weekend. Congratulations to the Tigers for a great weekend!
Positive comments, too
I like the idea of a newspaper Sound Off column. I hope though people don't spend all their time griping about things here. Businesses who might want to move here look at these things and if all anyone talks about is bad stuff then they might not want to move here.