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Enquirer offers sound-off column

By Staff
The Hartselle Enquirer will unveil a new feature next week.
The Enquirer's e-Sound Off allows people to submit anonymous comments about community issues. Comments can include your thoughts on local issues, questions about policies or procedures or praise for a community group, business or person. Unlike traditional Letters to the Editor, the comments do not have to contain the author's name. Signed Letters to the Editor are also accepted.
The Sound-Off line is one of several new features starting in next week's Enquirer.
"The e-Sound-Off line is part of our redesign of the newspaper," Enquirer Editor Leada Gore said. "We hope people will use the feature to comment on things they are proud of and also the things we can work on to make our community a better place in which to live."
All comments are subject to editing for space and content and the Editor reserves the right not to publish any comments.
To make your comment, send your email to with "Sound Off" in the subject line. Comments can also be made to the Enquirer's comment line at 773-6566 ext. 11.