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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
March 2, 1956 -Bakery items of the All-Wright Bakery in Decatur will now be available for sale at Hartselle's Smith's Restaurant-breads, cakes, and other pastries. Mrs. Estelle Smith, the restaurant owner, says that wedding and birthday cakes can also be ordered as well.
March 3, 1956 -Dr. Arthur Marion White, who practiced medicine in Hartselle for 45 years, passed away suddenly this morning at home. Joe Groover of the University of Alabama was immediately called home by the death of his grandfather.
March 3, 1956 -About 35 motorists were stopped for speeding and two arrests were made in a three-hour period today as the State Highway Patrol set up a radar speed check on Highway 31 here. Fines ranged from $14.75 to $22. A 10-mph tolerance was allowed.
March 4, 1956 -The MCTS concert choir gave a wonderful performance in Talucah tonight. Especially beautiful was "O Mary Don't You Weep."
March 5, 1956 -Jack Hoffhaus, Enquirer publisher, has been selected as president-elect of the Hartselle Rotary Club. Robert Street is the president for this year and Dr. James S. Martin is the vice-president.
February 5, 1956 -Hartselle teachers who belong to AEA, and most do, will have a new leader effective in July. Dr. C. P. Nelson will take over as executive secretary of the association when Frank L. Grove, who has headed AEA since 1928, retires.
March 6, 1956 -The MCHS group was recently selected as the best FFA quartet in the county in a competition held at Cotaco. The four young men who belong to the quartet are Skipper Drinkard, Mike Roberts, D.C. Holloway, and Robert Slate. Ruth Gayle Cost is their pianist.
March 7, 1956 -Mayor John Burleson was working with the street men painting yellow parking lines in downtown Hartselle today.
March 8, 1956 -You can park for free on Wednesday afternoon in Hartselle now. The parking meter holiday is an annual custom here and begins after the majority of businesses start closing at lunchtime.
March 8, 1956 -John E. Drinkard, former Hartselle auto dealer, now of Drinkard Motors in Cullman, has qualified to run for the office of Public Service Commissioner against the incumbent, Jack Owen.