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By Staff
City shouldn't be collecting garbage
Recent newspaper stories have stated that there will not be any increase in garbage rates in Hartselle. Anyone want to buy a bridge? I just might have one to sell. It's inevitable that they will raise them, in the somewhat near future. With a one year warranty on the equipment that has been purchased, the unstable price of fuel, and the maintenance required to keep this equipment going, and other unforeseen expenses, the mayor's premise that everything's peachy is ludicrous.
It took great effort for the city to get out of the garbage business, years ago. It's common sense knowledge that when you contract out work, it removes all headaches, libel and responsibilities.
It allows you to save money, and doesn't require you to employ three new employees at an annual cost of nearly $30,000 each.
Our mayor wants everyone to believe that this maneuver will benefit Hartselle. I haven't found anyone that was distraught about the way Morgan County picked up our trash. I have found many people that are very upset regarding the burden this council has imposed upon the tax payers. The initial $1.3 million price tag for garbage will topple $2 million quickly and easily. It's just like the renovation of one particular building downtown that should have been leveled. That price tag well exceeded the initial costs also. I have heard from several sources that if our mayor had the money, time and resources to do this privately, he would absolutely not do it. You see, there's no profit in it for many, many years, and only then with no unexpected costs. It's easy to see why we cannot improve the quality of living in Hartselle. This council is too busy throwing money away, especially when it's not theirs. This entire thing should have been put before the citizens of Hartselle for a vote!
Recently, I have had many conversations with people that have lived in Hartselle all of their lives. Many are irate that they were fooled by voting for these people. What is being said is that this is the worst council that has ever been elected, by far.
They choose only to look forward. Sometimes we have to look back to see where we came from or we have been. As one former elected individual said, "been there, done that" and it was not profitable.
When the next election comes around for mayor and council, I will do with this council what I do with unwanted emails, "put them in the trash bin." I would much rather have all the previous council back, than to have these clowns re-elected.
The previous council had discipline when it came to spending. That's how we were able to grow a surplus fund. This council is whittling away at that surplus by leaps and bounds. It shouldn't take long for the ugly property tax or sales tax issue to raise its head again. Maybe we should look at the wet/dry issue again. If so, I will change my vote and vote yes. For it won't be long before we are financially strapped and pay a higher price for garbage.
Mike Dowdy
GOP: George hurting party
The Morgan County Republican Executive Committee wishes to take this opportunity to apologize to the citizens of Morgan County for the boorish and unacceptable behavior of Morgan County Commissioner Stacy George.
For sometime now, Mr. George has been launching personal attacks at anyone who he disagrees with regarding county business or political matters. His diatribes are intolerable. We hope that Mr. George will come to realize his indiscretions are detrimental to good government and cannot be condoned by the Morgan County Republican Party.
Morgan County Republican Executive Committee
Clay Marlow, Chairman
Brian Tharp, Vice Chairman
Jim O'Hara, Treasurer
Julie Clausen, Secretary