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It's time to take out the garbage

By Staff
City will assume collection duties Feb. 13
Leada Gore, Hartselle Enquirer
Some customers could see a change in their service days as the city moves closer to assuming garbage collection duties. The change over is slated for Feb. 13.
"Everything is going relatively smooth," Mayor Dwight Tankersley said. "As smoothly as you could expect."
The city has been divided into four areas, with some receiving Tuesday/ Thursday pickup and others having Monday/Wednesday pickup. A detailed map showing the schedule is on Page A-5 of today's Enquirer. Maps and information are also being dropped off with the garbage containers.
Garbage pickup will be one day and yard waste pickup on another. Tankersley said this was necessitated because of the size of the two containers and the truck's need for space between them to allow for pickup.
The city is in the process of delivering the garbage and yard waste containers to homes. Residents should not use the containers until Feb. 13 as the county trucks aren't equipped to pick up trash from large plastic bins.
Tankersley said the city will operate all three of its garbage trucks the first few days of operations. Eventually, the city will be able to operate only two trucks at a time. Three operators will be staffing the trucks initially. Eventually, Tankersley said one of those people will be moved to a floater position in the public works department.
City residents won't see an increase in charges when the city starts providing services. Residents will pay $9.50 per month per household using one garbage cart; $12 for two containers. The curbside recycling rate will also remain the same at $2.10 per month. Extra yard debris containers are available for a one-time cost of $80 each. The city will not charge an extra fee to pick up yard debris.
Garbage collection FYI