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Court clerk has 'seen it all' in her 10 years

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle City Clerk Magistrate Shirley Sandlin was honored with a retirement party Jan. 20. She received an engraved plaque, money tree and several other gifts in addition to being showered with "congratulations" and "best wishes" from about 75 co-workers family members and friends.
The plaque, which was presented by Mayor Dwight Tankersley, recognized Sandlin for being a dedicated, faithful and valued employee of the city from March 18, 1996 to Feb. 1, 2006. Her last day on the job was Jan. 29, 2006.
Previously, she served as a part-time court clerk for the former town of Flint for nine years and as full-time city clerk/court clerk for seven years.
Sandlin said she didn't expect the gifts and attention she received and then acknowledged that she was surrounded by wonderful, caring people while she worked for the city. "I appreciate everything they have done and I love them all," she pointed out.
Municipal Judge Mike Broom characterized Sandlin as a person who had a difficult job, was well trained and treated the public with respect and patience.
"She had a lot of responsibility keeping up with the court's money, learning new technology and dealing with the lawyers," Broom said. "But as far as I know the state never had a complaint about her work. I appreciate you and I thank you for all of your work."
"She has handled her job extremely well," said City Clerk/Controller Rite Lee. She took everything in stride. She did a great job and I miss her already."
Stan Holt, a veteran Hartselle police dispatcher, is following in Sandlin's footsteps.
Sandlin has two adult sons and three grandchildren and resides in Decatur.