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Hartselle High logs 63 disciplinary incidents this year

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
A state-mandated accountability report aimed at tracking school safety and discipline shows that four of Hartselle's five schools logged 108 total incidents involving the serious misbehavior of students during the 2004-05 academic year. The number of incidents reported in the prior year was 109.
The state's education accountability law requires that copies of the annual report be distributed to media representatives, parent organizations and legislators no later than Dec. 31 of the year it is completed.
Hartselle High School reported 63 incidents to lead all other schools in the city system. Hartselle Junior High School followed with 23, F. E. Burleson Elementary School had 18 and Crestline Elementary School logged four. HJHS topped the list last year with 48 and HHS followed with 38. Barkley Bridge Elementary didn't report an incident.
Persistent/willful disobedience accounted for 23 of the incidents reported. F.E. Burleson had 12, Hartselle Junior High, seven, Hartselle High, two, and Crestline, one. Following in number were fighting, 20, defiance of authority, 10, truancy/unauthorized absence, eight, harassment, nine, profanity or vulgarity, seven, other disorderly conduct, five, knife possession and assault, three each, alcohol possession, two, and drugs sale, drugs possession, sexual harassment, inciting other students to create a disturbance, alcohol use and possession of unauthorized communications device, one each.
Disciplinary action taken as a result of the incidents included 68 cases of suspension, 16 cases of enrollment in alternative school and 21 cases of corporal punishment.