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Council job not to target citizens
I believe that the people of Hartselle should know all the news, good or bad. For some reason or another, the bad parts hardly ever get printed. As tax paying citizens, everyone should know about how things are getting done, or not done, in Hartselle, whether it involves the school, city, taxes, land annexation, and other issues of this city.
I have recently learned of a situation involving a councilman of Hartselle that disturbs me. Allegedly, according to several people, he has been sending a copy of every letter that I write to his attorney, and "building a file." in an effort to bring a civil action against me. This has been confirmed with me inquiring with another councilman and other employees of Hartselle. The following is the oath that this councilman took after being elected.
"I, solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Alabama, so long as I continue a citizen thereof; and that I will faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter, to the best of my ability. So help me God."
Nowhere in this oath, or the Code of Alabama, does it allow him to personally go after a citizen for reporting the truth. Nowhere in the position of councilman does it authorize him to take any action personally against any citizen. In fact, it opens the city up for several possibilities.
My letter writing or "cause championing" has never been personal. Very few people have ever witnessed anything personal regarding myself. So, why has this councilman decided to turn this into a personal vendetta against me?
When he ran for this position, he should have known that scrutiny and criticism comes within the arena that he serves.
Mike Dowdy
Items stolen from son's gravesite
On Dec. 4, as I do every Sunday, I went to Mt. Tabor to visit with my son. He loved his dogs, so we try to keep dogs on his grave. But in the last two months, someone has been taking the dog from his graves.
I pray for your forgiveness. I hope you see this and find it in your heart to take his dogs back to him. He will forgive you.
The last ones were put there for his Christmas. They were there Nov. 30 and came up borrowed sometime between Dec. 1 and 2 for they were gone Dec. 3. Would you please put his Christmas back.
Jimmy and Betty Ferguson