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Wheeler system refunds $12,176 to city library

By Staff
Leada Gore, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle is receiving money back from the Wheeler Basin Regional Library, closing the chapter on the connection between the two systems.
Hartselle's library separated from the Wheeler System earlier this year and city officials maintained they were due back a portion of the money allocated to Wheeler in the county's 2004-05 budget.
Last week, the Wheeler Basin Library Board of Trustees OK'd returning that money – some $12,176 dollars – to Hartselle.
Hartselle leaders said they felt the city could provide additional services at equal funding if they separated from the Wheeler system. Since separating from Wheeler, the library had resumed Saturday hours.
A dispute still exists, however, on charging Hartselle residents to use the Wheeler libraries. Hartselle residents who work or go to school outside of Hartselle city limits can receive a free library card. All the rest must pay $10 for a single card or $20 for a family one.
Hartselle does not charge Morgan County residents for library cards, regardless of where the user lives.