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Wheeler Basin refunds Hartselle library

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
A $100,000 endowment from an anonymous donor will be used in future years to fund scholarships for deserving Brewer High School students.
The money has been placed in a trust and will be handled by the Community Foundation of Greater Decatur, according to Arthur Orr, the organization's president. It could provide as many as three one-year scholarships annually depending on how well the endowment does in the investment market.
"The donor wishes to remain anonymous," Orr said, "but I can say that the decision to set up the endowment was motivated by a love for Brewer and a desire to help deserving students with limited resources pursue a college education."
He added that the scholarship(s) would be funded by interest earned on the endowment's investments. They will be awarded without regard to the school attended or the education major chosen by the student.
"It's likely that the first scholarship will be awarded to a member of the 2006 graduating class," he said, "even though the endowment will earn interest only for a short time prior to graduation.
"We're extremely grateful and proud that the donor thought enough about our school to even consider it for a scholarship endowment," said Brewer Principal Frances Couey. "Their generosity makes us humble and thankful."
Ms. Couey said the scholarship(s) will go to a graduating senior who has not received other scholarship offers and who otherwise would not be able to pursue a higher education. Other factors considered will be character, desire and the ability to meet or exceed college standards.
A committee composed of faculty members and administrators will made the final decision in the selection process.
Couey said Brewer currently offers the Novelle Miller Bradford Scholarship to a graduate who is pursing a career in education. She also said an effort is under way to set up the Brewer Academic Scholarship Foundation.