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By Staff
National guard deserves support
My letter is in regards to the support of National Guard troops in the community.
I am a 2003 graduate of Hartselle High School and a active duty member of the United States Navy. I choose a career in the military to better my life with job experience, education, world travel, and a very stable form of employment.
As a petty officer in the Navy I hear people, both military and civilian, speak negatively towards the National Guard and Reserve components of the Armed Forces. With sayings such as, “weekend warrior,” I feel that the dedication of any guardsman is underestimated and not nearly respected in a way in which it should be.
These individuals give their time and energy to protect the citizens of Hartselle, Morgan County, and the state of Alabama. Guardsmen live life day to day like everyone else. They work everyday jobs and live everyday lives, yet they sacrifice themselves to each citizen without hesitation because they understand that it is their sworn duty to do so. Throughout history the National Guard has defended this nation with undying valor. The dedication of any Guardsman, or Reservist needs to be appreciated more than it is. These men and woman need the support of all Americans.
Rather than have the mindset of, “he’s only in the Guard,” and “she’s just a reservist,” look at them as American soldiers, airmen and seamen. The citizens of the community need to come together and give unbiased support to our troops.
As an American, a sailor, and a citizen of Hartselle I ask one favor of the City of Southern Hospitality, please lend support, love, and prayers to all members of the Armed Forces especially the National Guard. Write letters to Congressmen and Senators. The Representatives and Senators are there for the people and if the people do not speak their minds there is no way that the peoples’ opinion will be heard.
Please don’t allow legislation that is proposed to help the guardsmen of Alabama fall under. Contact Mr. (Ron) Grantland and let him know that all guardsmen of Alabama need all the support they can get for their duty and please don’t back down. Like I said guardsmen are everyday people, but sometimes they are pulled away from family, their jobs, and are asked to sacrifice much more than is assumed. Every guardsman in Alabama is there to serve each citizen. The least that can be done by the citizens is to show their support by letting the state of Alabama know that these men and women need more. In conclusion, don’t allow the members of the Alabama National Guard the possibility of not receiving what they deserve. Let the state know that they are appreciated and they deserve more. As a member of the Armed Force I say thank you for your support. Please keep the support strong; it keeps America strong.
Petty Officer Third Class
Michael Brandon Blevins
United States Navy
Health department cuts hurt all
According to the Arab Tribune, Morgan County Commissioner Stacey George brags he single handedly cut money from the Morgan County Health Department funds.
George announced in a public meeting in Lacey’s Spring last week that he cut $86,000 from the Health Department. George has cut much-needed funding to the Health Department to retaliate against a state representative that works for the department.
During a nationwide shortage of medical care, George cuts funding to our health department. Flu season approaches with elderly depending on the Health Department for vaccines, George cuts funding.
Homebuilders in Morgan County may encounter delays of septic tank inspection because George cuts funding. Children needing immunizations may wait longer because staffing is dependent on funding and George is very vocal about the financial cuts he made to the Health Department’s WIC services. Birth and death certificates from the Health Department may be delayed as there is not enough staff to get these services to us; George cut funding.
I find it unacceptable that George admits doing so because of personal issues he has with another politician. George needs reminding that it’s not just the uninformed that utilize health department services he is endangering, there are voting citizens and business people of this county affected by his decision to cut funding. The Health Department does not belong to one group nor does it serve one group.
Can we expect a man who cannot handle his personal finances to manage county funds? George may cut funding while in office, but he’ll have to campaign for reelection for that office.
If Stacey George has an issue with other politicians he needs to take it out back not take it out on the public citizens of this county.
Rita Mitchell
Wiccan meetings are occurring here
I don't know what "Wicca" teaches, but if it teaches destruction, desecration and ignorance, then it's definitely not for the sane person. I have known about the Wiccan meetings for some time in Hartselle.
As a truck driver, I often run into many types of people. One such person was a waitress in a truckstop in Florida, who was a ex-Wiccan. We got involved in a discussion of Wicca, and I ask her why she left the cult. She informed me that she observed the leader of the cult she was in, in a trance, chanting, and that she was practicing witchcraft. There were bones, blood, fire, and she was sitting in the middle of a giant pentagram, or what the wiccans call a pentacle.
On their website,, the first words are, "We are one of the largest Wicca, Pagan and Witchcraft sites on the internet…" It's witchcraft, plain and simple. Practically every website about wicca, refers to them as witches, who cast spells.
On a final note, when they are recruiting young people, why would you need a consent form from parents if it's not highly questionable. What kind of "Bible" are they studying? My suggestion to everyone, is to stay away from people like this, you could easily find yourself in jail also.
Mike Dowdy