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Looking back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Sept. 22, 1955 -Katherine Anne Dunaway and Robert Parker are Mr. and Miss Courtesy for MCHS seniors.
Sept. 22, 1955 –Farmers are reminded that the law forbids them from employing children under 16 to pick cotton during school hours. There is an exemption in the case of children working for their parents.
Sept. 23, 1955 -The new 1956 Ford was shown for the first time locally today at Nicholson Motor Company. It is not significantly changed from the 1955 model.
Sept. 23, 1955
-Tommy Ed Roberts hurt his arm during tonight's MCHS-Jasper football game. The only bright spot in this game, which resulted in a 55-6 defeat for the visiting Tigers, was the scoring of Hartselle's first touchdown of the season.
Sept. 24, 1955 -Hartselle residents, like Americans elsewhere, were shocked to learn today that President Eisenhower had suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Denver.
Sept. 24, 1955 -Horace Broom of Citizens Bank presented farmer L. G. Orr a certificate of recognition that Mr. Orr won in soil and water conservation recently. He owns and operates a 50-acre farm and rents additional acres from his neighbors.
Sept. 25, 1955 -MCHS student Charter Nicholson is sporting a black eye due to a recent accident.
Sept. 25, 1955 -The song of the week at MCHS is "Sound Off for Chesterfield," as determined by Joe Wright.
Sept. 26, 1955 -Kyle Butler left today for Berea College in Kentucky where he will attend school this fall.
Sept. 27, 1955 -At the meeting of the Hartselle mayor and council tonight the salary of the mayor was set at $1,500 per year beginning on October 1, 1956. Councilmen will be paid $20 a month.
Sept. 27, 1955 -Tonight's meeting of the Bethel Home Demonstration Club adjourned for 30 minutes at 8 o'clock so that everybody could enjoy their favorite TV program, "The $64,000 Question."
Sept. 28, 1955 — The MCHS class of '56 held their first meeting this morning. Mr. Adams from the Balfour company gave out the class rings. Robert Parker is class president.