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Looking back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Aug. 11, 1955 -Prizes are being increased almost nightly as the Ranch Drive-in Theatre enters the final week of its month-long birthday celebration. Nicholson Motor Company will give away a jalopy on Friday evening, August 19.
Aug. 12, 1955 -Mrs. Mary Bush Gilchrist, mother of State Representative Bob Gilchrist of Hartselle, received her M.S. in elementary education during graduation exercises at the University of Alabama today. Prior to moving to Tuscaloosa to pursue her advanced degree, Mrs. Gilchrist taught in the public schools of Morgan County for about 25 years.
Aug. 12, 1955 -A crackdown on local speedsters continued this week as three persons were called into city court and fined $8 each. Other fines paid were two charged with public drunkenness who were fined $18 while one was fined $5 for running a red light.
Aug. 13, 1955 -The old jingle about "shave and a haircut, two-bits" took a further step into obscurity this week as Hartselle barbers upped the price of their tonsorial services from 60 cents to 75. Prices of all cuts are the same, including crew cuts. To the price of shaves, ten cents has been added.
Aug. 14, 1955 -Fatback is one sale at 12 cents per pound at Hartselle's Star Market.
Aug. 14, 1955 -Mrs. Y. A. McCall and Mary Frances McCall spent today in Birmingham and Gardendale visiting relatives.
Aug. 15, 1955 -The revival held annually by Bethel Baptist Church is now in progress. Rev. Billy Stephenson of Decatur is the visiting evangelist.
Aug. 15, 1955 -Mrs. Cline Thompson and Sarah Ann were Birmingham visitors today.
Aug. 16, 1955 -Herbert Hopper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hopper, residents of Hartselle 4, is currently finishing up his Air Force basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas.
Aug. 17, 1955 -Lt. Edward Summers, an Air Force reservist, is currently at Stewart Air Force Base at Smyrna, Tennessee, for a two-week term of active duty.
Aug. 17, 1955 -Numerous Hartselle cars were parked at Decatur's Bowline Drive-in Theatre tonight. First-run movies will be showing regularly at this ultra-modern facility.