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Drop-off and pickup procedures for Hartselle Junior High School

By Staff
Attention parents and guardians of HJHS students
All students who are transported by automobile to and from school must be dropped off and picked up on the stadium side of HJHS.
All traffic must enter the stadium parking lot on the south end and enter the gate nearest the bridge. Keep to the right until you reach the street behind HJHS. At that point, turn left and head back toward the traffic light.
The drop-off and pick-up area will be by the red posts on the paved area only. After students are picked up or dropped off, drivers can exit at the traffic light on Sparkman Street or through the stadium parking lot and north stadium gate.
No students will be allowed to enter the parking lot to be picked up after school. This is a major safety issue.
Do not drop off children in front of the school. This is a bus lane and is for bus traffic only. Parking along Petain Street is not allowed and police will enforce this no parking zone.
The gate at Karl Prince Drive by the tennis court will be closed 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. each school day.
Thank you for your patience as we try to insure the safety of your child.