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A change could do you good

By Staff
Justin Schuver, Sports Editor
Over the next few weeks, you'll probably notice a few things different about the sports section.
It is my hope that these new changes and improvements will help to liven up the section, be entertaining to the reader, and provide some information that you might not have otherwise known.
A lot of these improvements will require some input from you, the reader, so any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated.
The following are some of the changes I'm hoping to get started with, and the ways in which you can help.
The Next Level: You might have seen this in recent papers.
Basically, it's going to be a small graphic that gives a quick statistic or fact concerning a former local athlete currently in the college or professional ranks.
There are plenty of players from this area who have gone on to "the next level," and I think it would be nice to showcase some of their accomplishments.
I have already compiled a small list of the area athletes who I know are currently playing college or pro sports, but I know that my list is far from complete.
If you know of any area athlete who you'd like featured in "The Next Level," please send me an e-mail at
Looking Ahead: You probably won't see this until the start of the high school sports season, but it will consist of a small graphic that gives the information on upcoming area athletic events.
It will tell where and when the next game will be played, and give a small synopsis on players to watch for on the opposing team.
Your Turn: Every month or so, there will be a question listed in the newspaper, such as "Who do you think will win the NCAA Tournament?"
This is your chance, readers, to chime in with your opinion.
E-mail your responses along with your first name, and I'll choose a few of the answers to run in a later issue.
Chatter!: Again, this probably won't run until the start of the high school season. It will feature the best quotes from coaches and players in an attractive and concise format.
Just because the Enquirer is a small community newspaper, doesn't mean that it can't have the kind of coverage worthy of papers several times its size.
It's my hope that with your help I can make this sports section the very best it can be.
Please e-mail me at or call 773-6566 or fax to 773-1953 with any sports tips, comments, or questions.