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Looking back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
June 9, 1955 -Adviser Charles Rowe is with his FFA members Robert Slate, D. C. Holloway, and Eddie Roy at the state convention at Auburn at the present time.
June 10, 1955 -MCHS teachers Lizzie Reed Penn and Beulah Hester left today for Nashville where they will attend Peabody College during the summer months.
June 11, 1955 -Mrs. Harold McClanahan, Jr., left tonight for New York City where she will board a plane for Germany. She will join her husband, First Lt. McClanahan, at Semboc, where he has been stationed since the first of the year.
June 11, 1955 -Orus Kinney last week handed in his resignation from the MCHS faculty to Principal J. C. Pettey and Mrs. Kinney also has given a like notice to city school Principal F. E. Burleson. The Kinneys will move soon to Valparaiso, Florida, and will work at an elementary school near Eglin Field, a big Air Force base.
June 12, 1955 -Girls' State started today. Hartselle's representatives to this annual gathering for civic-minded young ladies are Katherine Anne Dunaway and Flora Hammond.
June 13, 1955 -Paul Thomas has been made manager of the new Elmore's 5c, 10c, and $1.00 store which is opening soon in Cullman. Thomas came from Mississippi to Hartselle to manage the Elmore unit here five years ago.
June 13, 1955 -Summer band practice sessions are now in full swing at MCHS. Director Hollis James is conducting classes for beginner musicians on Tuesdays and for the full band on Thursdays.
June 14, 1955 -New speed limit signs have been posted around town and a crackdown on violators is underway. Motorists may not exceed 25 mph on major traffic arteries nor 20 mph on side streets and in the downtown district. Stiff fines of up to $10 are expected to deter potential lawbreakers.
June 15, 1955 -John Guier has rented the large house belonging to F. E. Burleson at 710 East Main Street. The Guiers will be moving from Decatur to Hartselle in about another week to make their home. Mr. Guier has bought Hartselle Hospital from Dr. Claude Lavender.