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By Staff
Laws should be enforced uniformly
On June 2, I had a conversation with our police chief, Ron Puckett, regarding the topic of "selective enforcement" of city and state laws. I expressed my disappointment that, by mere appearance, this practice was quite evident in Hartselle. What bothered me the most, is that he said that he had no problem with "selective enforcement." He chalked it up to "officer's discretion."
Selective enforcement is nothing less than "profiling," and there are federal laws against this practice. The overwhelming percentage of recipients of this practice are, let's say, "not" prominent citizens. Don't believe me? It's easily proved. All one has to do is sit in our city traffic court and observe.
In the parking lots outside, when court is being conducted, there are certain things you will not see: Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Audi, expensive SUV's, etc. Get the picture. It's as clear as the nose on your face.
You will not see the "cream of the crop" people of Hartselle, either, unless it's an extreme situation.
Police have a job to do, and I respect and thank them for their public service. But, what's against the law for one person, should be against the law for all.
Taking money from the poor in the form of frivolous and expensive citations is like stealing from their families. Enough is enough.
Mike Dowdy