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Hartselle will always be home
Having graduated from good old Morgan County High School in 1972, I sometimes reflect on the life I had growing up in Hartselle, when the only thing that was really going on was Vietnam was winding down, Coach (Paul) Cain was the meanest football coach I'd ever met, Coach (Jackie) Coulter was the second, and Beverly Spain was the cutest girl I had ever seen. Mr. Booth was the most vicious math teacher I had ever known, Ms. Qualls made me want to know more about the social personalities of the human race and Mr. Penn made me aware of why the human race is messed up.
I remember the only place we had to go was the Dairy Queen. God, we must have circled that place a million times, because during that time you had a bad car, (souped up Chevy or Ford), mind- blowing V-8 engine, jacked up all around with headers, Crager mags, and an 8 -Track that sometimes you had to put a comb underneath the tape to keep it from skipping. I see the cars these kids are driving today and they make me laugh. Four bangers with a muffler you could stick your leg in, spinner mags, but they have a kick butt stereo system that would put anything we had to shame. Different generation, different strokes, different folks.
Sometimes, when I think real hard, I can see the Rock Crusher, the taboo place all the seniors went to when it was Senior Skip Day. One day, I tried to find it after almost 25 years. I got so lost I had to use my GPS system in my minivan to get me out. Life is funny after 50. I recall Sadie Hawkins Day. Do you know there is no where else in the free world that I can find anybody that celebrates that day? I remember E. R Roberts store. The smell of work shoes, work clothes, leather, hardwood floors, made me want to come back day after day. Penn's Hamburgers, that was the greatest place of all. You could get a sack of them for less than $3 dollars. Strickland's Drug Store on Main Street; Mr. Strickland knew all of us by name.
We had a milk man who actually came by our house, pulled up in our driveway and delivered whatever kind of dairy products we needed. My most cherished memory of that was being able to climb in the back of that cold truck and pick out whatever I wanted while the milk truck driver talked to my dad. The milk truck driver's name was Bill. I will never forget him. There wasn't much in the way of entertainment back when I was in school–Dairy Queen, the rock crusher, the boat ramp in Decatur–but there was one thing we had that I will cherish the rest of my life. We had a hometown. Not so much different than any other hometown in America, but a hometown that had a little less hectic lifestyle, a little less traffic, and a whole lot of thank you.
Having served over 22 years in the United States Air Force and proudly serving with the Sheriff's office in my home state of Florida…Hartselle, I still miss you.
Dale Blackwood
Rescue Squad thanks community
To all the people living in or affected by the Morgan County Rescue Squad service area:
We, the volunteers, would like to say thank you for your past support. Your help is always greatly appreciated.
We always need your help and especially right now. We are conducting a fundraising drive to raise money to help purchase vitally needed equipment to aid in serving you better and faster.
We would appreciate your support with this most worthwhile project. You can show your support by purchasing a family portrait today.
We think this is a great deal–a $65 professional portrait for only $25, and all proceeds from the sale of the portrait certificates benefit your volunteer rescue squad.
Remember, it's your rescue squad, we just operate and maintain the equipment. It's through the efforts and support of people such as yourself that makes this life-saving service possible.
A coupon will be furnished as receipt for your cash payment, or you can make your check payable to Morgan County RS.
Thank you in advance for the volunteers,
Tony Weikert, Captain
Ronnie Mason, Coordinator 773-1133