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By Staff
Writer clarifies tax list name
In the published list of delinquent taxpayers, the omission of a middle name has resulted in name identity confusion. I am Wanda Ray McAbee. I am not on the list. Thank you for your help in clarifying the correct identity of the name listed.
Wanda Ray McAbee
City not making progress yet
After reading Mark Mizzell's letter, I was reminded of the old saying, that "you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time." With all due respect to "the position that he holds," I must address his braggadocios letter.
His "positive" achievements notation have not yet been etched in stone. There is yet not anything in writing, regarding the movement of $1.3 million dollars for the road project. He is prematurely trying to proclaim victory of this from the present council, when it was the previous council that got the ball rolling on this.
He offered no regards to the previous council for their involvement. Now to the real facts, regarding our council, as a body.
They have zero jobs created thus far. They have displayed a "closed exit" and a "not interested" sign to four restaurants that were looking in our area. They searched diligently for a fire chief, while refusing dozens, if not hundreds of possible good candidates the opportunity for a "fair" chance in obtaining the position of police chief. They are annexing land out the "wazoo," which stretches all of our emergency services to the limits, while the city reaps virtually nothing in return. They announce the appointment for school board, after the majority of the council tell all over town whom they will vote for, thus offering little hope for anyone to apply.
It's not only strange, but alarming, that municipalities such as Moulton and Priceville are growing expeditiously while Hartselle is being stagnate in growth. On a final note, just because a business relocates from one area to another in Hartselle, you cannot claim that as growth either, when there is a vacant building left behind.
Mike Dowdy
Officers went above call
Following a visit outside the county, my wife and I were coming back to Hartselle on Route 36 on April 1.
As we crossed the interstate, to say it was raining is an understatement. It was absolutely pouring. There had been a traffic accident and standing out in the rain were four of your finest policemen directing traffic.
For most of the time, citizens are aware that "to protect and serve" is taken for granted. I would appreciate you taking the time to personally thank, on my behalf, the officers involved. Their service under those unbelievable circumstances was really appreciated.
Karl Dunlap