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Local car dealers: Temporary sales don't play by the rules

By Staff
Leada Gore, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle area car dealers are continuing their efforts to make temporary auto sales in the city abide by state and local regulations.
Representatives of the Automobile Dealers Association of Hartselle said some of the temporary sales by out-of-town dealers don't comply with the ordinance regarding such events. Terry Miller of Miller Motors said the state limits dealers to three temporary sales events outside their city per year. He said such sales must also have a sign with the dealer's name shown.
Miller said a recent sale listed the dealers as Fleet Liquidators, but the sale was being conducted by Serra Toyota of Decatur.
Local dealers have expressed concern about temporary sales events in the past. Usually, these sales involve a dealer from outside the city setting up a tent and selling cars from a parking lot of another business.
Ronnie Abercrombie of Abercrombie Chevrolet said such sales cost the city.
"No one in the car business in Hartselle minds anyone else coming in," Abercrombie said. "If anyone wants to come in and make a multi-million dollar investment, that's fine. That supports the city of Hartselle."
Abercrombie, who is also a member of the Hartselle School Board, said each car sold at such a temporary event costs the school system $100 in taxes.
A Hartselle City ordinance requires out-of-town dealers to purchase a $1,000 permit in addition to a business license. The ordinance was strengthened last year in an effort to limit such temporary sales.
Hartselle officials said recently they didn't believe there was anything they could do to limit temporary sales events in the city.