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By Staff
Old boy network is alive and well
I had hoped they were on the road to recovery but, regrettably, Hartselle Utilities (HU) continues to operate in the Good Ole Boy (GOB) mode. HU adheres to its own agenda, not the peoples agenda. What the people want or need only influences HU when it necessarily coincides with HU's agenda. This is nothing new. HU is arrogantly totally independent, doing, not what is good for Hartselle, but what is good for HU and the GOB network.
As everyone well knows, HU has constantly been at odds with the city council, not only not working with them but deliberately defying them at every opportunity. HU overindulged but, at least, went to the trouble to seek and obtain a very well qualified general manager who, with his required engineering degree and utilities experience, made HU a successful utilities business. Now, HU's GOB agenda must be served. This didn't just suddenly happen. HU's agenda should have been obvious to everyone but no one could call attention to it for fear of being referred to as biased and politically incorrect. The hand writing was on the wall as all the bricks were carefully put into place. And now HU's agenda has come to pass as outlined. HU's arrogant independence and self serving agenda no longer requires a "qualified" GM.
The city council saw this and had the opportunity to do something about it but failed to do so.
HU only serves the people when it is to their personal advantage. The people pay the bill but they are here only to serve HU.
James L. Nix
Board's actions were disgraceful
The preposterous demand by Jeff Gray for Ronnie Abercrombie's resignation at the last school board meeting reminded me of wise words by Abraham Lincoln: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
Our school board showed themselves to be fools. Ronnie Abercrombie has no reason to resign. He has a world of support here for the job he does as board chairman. In my dealings with him, I have found him to be an intelligent, honest, dedicated individual who really cares about Hartselle and the school system. I would not hesitate to call him at any time with any questions or concerns I have about our school system. I have heard many others voice similar sentiments about him during his tenure as board chairman. Consequently, I have not heard those sentiments about the board members who malign him. The fact that this school board chose to show their proverbial behinds at Dr. Lee Hartsell's last meeting only confirms their disregard for the school system's welfare. Their lack of character (and decorum) is truly appalling, and not fitting of anyone deeming himself worthy of serving our students. As a parent of three children in the system here, and as a taxpayer, I demand the resignations of every board member except Ronnie Abercrombie. I have been embarrassed enough by these "representatives" of Hartselle. We need a new school board now.
Pamela Ramey
Abercrombie a good public servant
I've worked for 10 years with Ronnie Abercrombie, 10 feet away from him. Nobody has a better understanding of the time he devotes as chairman of the Hartselle School Board.
During the past two years, Ronnie has totally dedicated himself to represent the community's interests. That takes a huge amount of time. For every person who drops by, there are more waiting for a piece of his time. Over 100 callers and visitors each week. Every week. School's out for summer? Doesn't matter. The stress is incredible, all while he's at work trying to earn a living. I see how tiring it is, because there seems to always be one more knock on his door or another phone call to take. And he accepts each one. Ronny used to worry about his customers needs, now he also worries about Hartselle's children and schools.
Jeff and Andy… you have private practices. How many of your clients or patients will you ignore? How will your partners feel about that? Greg and Kathy…will your employer tolerate 30 plus hours per week while at work? Kathy and Andy, you never call Ronnie. I know, I answer the phones.
If any of you feels ready, then nominate yourself and step up to the plate. Will you work for Hartselle as hard as Ronnie? The position is not an easy one. It's no longer just a title. It's a huge unpaid burden to carry. Which of you will serve and put your career on hold?
You're mad that already-public information was published. Last Friday's behavior was contemptible. You embarrassed this city. Shame on you.
David Stults
Former worker questions decision
I think it is a shame for a person to work to the fullest of her ability and never get reprimanded for the two and a half years at a job and then because you get hurt on a the job you are let go. This is what happened to me at the Morgan County Board of Education and I am very upset.
I have tried on several occasions to contact the superintendent and try to work something out but get no response. Actually, right at the end of the last school year (I received a) pink slip and when I saw the superintendent I asked him what was going on. I was told my name was on a list to be hired back and then the very next day (I received a) fax (that I would not be rehired).
I had a table fall on me and have had surgery once with several shots recently to try and help the pain and was told I was going to have to have knee replacement in the near future. I paid my COBRA insurance for a couple of months but it was so expensive I had to drop it. Now, I have no insurance and my knee is still bad. I know that life is not fair, I learned that a long time ago but I still think that somebody could have the courtesy to call me and at least let me know that they are willing to help me with my injury.
Penny Hazel