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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
March 3, 1955 -According to those in attendance, Billy Evans' surprise birthday party tonight really was a surprise.
March 3, 1955 -Student election campaigns are in full SWING now at MCHS. Presidential candidates are Nancy Burleson, Virginia Ann Fitzgerald, and Robert Parker.
March 3, 1955 -Students here in Hartselle will soon have access to statewide educational television. Alabama will establish the nation's first ETV network in the near future.
March 4, 1955 -MCHS student Roland Burgess is sporting a Cherokee haircut.
March 5, 1955 -A survey of the religious inclinations of 597 children at Hartselle Elementary School revealed that 75 of them (12.5 percent) never attend church.
March 6, 1955 -Jimmy Yarbrough, local radio and TV expert, got to see color television at a professional meeting in Birmingham tonight. The colorcast of "Peter Pan" was, according to Yarbrough, too beautiful for words to express.
March 7, 1955-Mrs. M. H. Broom was unanimously elected president of the W.M.S. of the First Baptist Church at this afternoon's meeting.
March 8, 1955 -Coaches Tony Daniel, Herman Myers, J. P. Cain, and Mrs. Kenneth Sharrott presented an interesting P.E.-related program at this afternoon's MCHS PTA meeting.
March 8, 1955-The session of the mayor and council tonight was typical in duration, lasting until 11:30 p.m. A major topic of discussion was installation of parking meters on the east side of Sparkman Street.
March 9, 1955 -Douglas Moss had surgery at Hartselle hospital recently.
March 9, 1955 -Membership in the Hartselle Chamber of Commerce jumped to 75 this week during the annual membership drive.
March 9, 1955 -Hartselle men who have the honor of working on Dr. Werner Von Braun's team in Huntsville were definitely watching the Walt Disney-emceed "Man in Space Program" tonight on ABC. Local people are playing important roles in the accomplishment of the space mission to send men into outer space.