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Puckett right person to lead HPD
As a long time citizen of Hartselle, I am keenly interested in the happenings here, especially when changes are being made in the administration of Hartselle personnel. I am referring in this instance to the hiring of Ron Puckett as interim police chief.
Hartselle has been fortunate that the caliber of police chiefs in the past has been superior and I would like to see that this practice is continued.
My husband, Bobby Martin, was on the city council when Chief Ron Merkh was hired and he has proved to be excellent at his job. In Ron Puckett this would also be the case.
Ron is, first and foremost, a good person, an excellent family man and a man of God. I know that in this present age it is not "politically correct" to bring religion into a government decision, but I have been political so it doesn't bother me to point out this attribute to anyone to which it applies. Ron has been on the police for a number of years, serving in numerous positions and serving well. Hartselle is lucky to have him.
I know I am stating my opinion, but I was so pleased that Ron was appointed acting chief that I felt I needed to show my support for him. I urge all citizens of Hartselle to be sure that we have good men of integrity in leadership positions and Ron Puckett will fill that need.
Carolyn Martin