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Schools to lose $90,000 in state funding

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
Hartselle City Schools probably will lose state funding for 1.5 teacher units, or about $90,000, in fiscal 2005-06 because of a small decline in the average daily student enrollment, according to Dr. Lee Hartsell, superintendent.
"We knew after the first 40 days of school that our daily attendance was down about 20 students from last year," Dr. Hartsell said. "That figures to be about one to one and one-half teacher units, depending on where the losses occurred. In monetary terms, a teacher unit amounts to about $60,000."
"I have not received any official notification on the number of state-funded teacher units we will have next school year," he pointed out "That information will be made available at the next state superintendents meeting Feb. 1-2."
Morgan County as a whole is expected to gain about five teacher units. Decatur City Schools will receive one-tenth of a teacher unit less that what they received this year and Morgan County Schools will gain 6.81 units.
Hartsell said the city's school system is in good financial shape and should be able to absorb any funding reduction based on enrollment without losing teachers.