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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
January is a time of new beginnings of many different kinds.
1886 -Jan. 20, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cooper are rejoicing over the advent of a little stranger at their home-it is a girl.
1944 -Jan. 20, E. R. Roberts is in St. Louis, Mo., buying new spring merchandise for his East Main Street store.
1947 -Jan. 20, James E. Folsom was inaugurated as Alabama's 46th governor today. At 38 Folsom is the youngest Alabama governor in more than 100 years. The Drinkard family from Hartselle and Falkville were among the inaugural attendees.
1949 -Jan. 20, Cadet Hugh Pattillo of West Point marched in President Truman's inaugural parade today.
1964 -Jan. 21, Today was the first day on the job for Mrs. Sarah S. Kesecker, Hartselle's new city clerk.
1971 -Jan. 21, J. P. Cain is the first winner of the Richard W. Grammar Memorial award.
1958 -Jan. 22, Since most of the stores are closing on Wednesday afternoons, Police Chief Curtis Chaney says motorists will have a holiday beginning now from parking meters.
1922 -Jan. 23, Auburn alumni throughout Alabama are beginning a campaign to raise $1 million to meet pressing needs for buildings and equipment at API. Morgan County Plainsmen have not yet organized.
1913 -Jan. 24, The planters in this section are beginning to take on new life as regards wheat culture. There is a new modern flouring mill erected at Decatur.
1886 -Jan. 25, Today at high twelve Willie Orr led to the matrimonial altar at Danville Miss Hattie McDonald, the youngest daughter of the late James H. McDonald. She is a charming young lady and everyone is wishing the couple the utmost happiness as they begin their married life.
1905 -Jan. 25, H. J. Lyle and Lurenna Speegle are newly qualified to teach in the public schools of Morgan County.
1939 -Jan. 26, Billy Stephenson is president-elect of the Morgan County High School student body.
1955 -Jan. 26, Hardware shoppers have a new store to patronize. Moses and Brown are the successors to the old Corsbie hardware business.