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By Staff
CD clears up controversy
Not long ago, while I was at the polls in Hartselle voting for my selection for members of the current city council, I heard a vicious rumor, to which I have evidence that discredits the rumor. The rumor was that former councilmen Dick Carter and Alvin Abercrombie and current school board chairman, Ronnie Abercrombie allegedly bribed a former custodial worker in giving a false deposition to the Alabama Ethics Commission.
Not long after that, I was the recipient of a CD, with approximately 52 minutes of an unscripted conversation between the person that was allegedly bribed and another individual. It was a routine conversation, discussing different things regarding our school system.
Several times in this CD, the former custodial worker clearly states that he was not coerced or bribed by anyone. The CD also opens the door to several other avenues to highly questionable instances that, either are or have been, taking place in the school system.
It is many people's opinion that this rumor was spread in the attempt to do one thing. Remove Alvin Abercrombie and Dick Carter from the city council, which it accomplished.
The relationship between Ronnie Abercrombie and myself is solely a question and answer policy. As he is school board chairman, he answers questions that I inquire about, regarding this school system, as required by state law. If Dr. Hartsell would be more open and forthcoming, I would be in his office all the time.
Finally, for the last time, I write all my letters, all by myself, for those who are questioning who pens my letters. Just because I drive a truck, doesn't mean I am uneducated, and need help in putting words together or whether I need help in asking questions that everyone in Hartselle should be asking.
Mike Dowdy
Park and rec thanks community helpers
Harselle Park and Recreation hosted its annual lunch with Santa for area children on Dec. 11 at the Sparkman Civic Center. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the following for making the event possible: Sonic, Hometown Grocery, Allen Suggs, Dari-Delite and Bill Partridge. Without their contributions, lunch with Santa would not have been such a success. Once again, thanks to each of you for your community support. You are greatly appreciated.
Hartselle Park and Recreation